Uber Driving In Australia - Everything You Need To Know

Uber Driving in Australia: A Complete Guide

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Uber Driving in Australia: A Complete Guide

Important: All foreign driving licenses must be translated into English by a NAATI certified translator. Click here to get your license translated.

You might wonder how to earn extra cash when studying or working in Sydney, Melbourne, or another Australian city. Uber driving is the perfect side hustle to make dough in your free time. Just download the app, and then you can drive people around while listening to music and having a good time. It’s not a laborious job; you’ll essentially be self-employed, working when you want.

The island country of Australia is Uber’s crown jewel, where the rideshare startup doubled its percentage of users from 10% to 20% in just two years (2016-18). Now, you can be a part of this money stream too. Just fulfill all the requirements and join Uber driving in Australia as a foreigner.

Uber Driving in Australia for Foreigners

If you believe foreigners couldn’t become Uber drivers in Australia, think again. This blog will discuss how to become an Uber driver in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, or any other Aussie city where you currently live as a foreigner. This blog will also elaborate on which documents foreigners must submit when applying for a driver’s position via Uber’s website.

To make sure you know what on Earth we’re talking about, passing the VEVO check for Uber makes you eligible to drive Australians around in a vehicle. But first, let’s explore the earning potential of Uber driving in Australia for locals and foreigners.

Uber Drivers’ Earnings in Australia

How much money can you make driving people around in AU? Well, Aussie drivers mostly use Uber as a secondary source of income like their American fellow captains. In 2018, Uber drivers in Sydney earned $21/hour on average (minus the expenses). Today, you can easily rake in over $33/hour after Uber takes the much-hated 27.5% commission – a decent income for foreigners residing in Australia.

Your Uber earnings depend on the cost of owning, renting, driving, and maintaining a vehicle. Location is another critical factor. Here is a brief list of some of the factors affecting your income:

  • Weather: Sudden weather changes can quickly boost your earning potential; the same goes for driving people around in peak traffic hours.
  • Location: You earn more money when driving Uber in Sydney or Melbourne. However, drivers in Perth and Adelaide typically make two-thirds of that income.
  • Expenses: Even after Uber has taken its cut, you’ll have to pay for fuel, repairs, insurance, and maintenance. Remember to pay all the necessary taxes on the vehicle.

Requirements for Uber Driving in Australia

Let’s start with the basics. What are the requirements to become an Uber driver in Australian cities? You have to fulfill these criteria:

  • 21 years of age (for VIC and NSW only; 20 for the rest of AU)
  • A valid driver’s license in your state (check Table 1 for more info)
  • Have access to an Uber-approved vehicle (we’ll discuss it in detail later

VEVO Check

If you are interested in Uber driving in Australia, please pass the VEVO check. Let us explain what VEVO means and why it is essential for foreigners willing to work in Australia.

Also called “Visa Entitlement Verification Online,” this system checks if you have a right to work in AU as per your visa type, period of stay, and date of expiration. You can only sign up to work as an Uber driver in Australia with a VEVO check. Click here to find more about VEVO check from an official site.


StateRequired LicenseRequired Experience
VictoriaDriver AccreditationSix months
QueenslandDriver’s AuthorizationOne year
South AustraliaDriver AccreditationSix months
New South WalesPassenger Transport License CodeOne year
Western AustraliaPTD AuthorizationOne year
Australian Capital TerritoryD-Condition LicenseNo experience required
Table 1: A description of the licensing requirements in different Australian states

Documents Required from Uber Drivers in Australia

You can only join Uber’s workforce after submitting the required documents for the driver’s position. In this section, we’ll explore some documentary requirements every applicant must fulfill. So, make sure you have not lost any of these essential documents when settling in Australia:

  • A driver’s license
  • Your passport (birth certificate)
  • Vehicle registration (and other relevant, required documents)
  • Your photo (centered, forward-facing, and showing your entire face with the top of your shoulders)

As you can see, Uber requires some identification from applicants through a passport or birth certificate. Moreover, you must have a valid driver’s license in the state where you intend to work as an Uber driver. If you are not an Australian citizen but belong to a non-English-speaking country, then get these crucial documents translated before submitting them for review.

Find out how to get your driver’s license translated for immigration and search for the same information for your birth certificate. So, are you ready to start working as an Uber driver in Australia?

Vehicle Requirements for Uber Driving

To become an Uber driver in Australia, you need the right vehicle. Uber desires only the best ridesharing experience for its Aussie customers. It would help if you bought or rented a car according to Uber’s vehicular guidelines and instructions. If your vehicle doesn’t meet all the requirements, you’ll have to get it modified or – even worse – replaced.

Don’t worry; there’s no need to purchase a new car if yours is not on par with Uber’s strict standards. Leasing a vehicle on a contract basis is pretty easy if you wish to drive Uber in Australia. Lucky for you, Uber partners with many rideshare car rentals for up-and-coming drivers.

Back to the vehicle requirements, we’ll explain what kind of car you can use to drive customers around Sydney. Here’s what you need to ensure about your preferred vehicle:

  • ANCAP 5-star rating is a must
  • A four-door car or passenger van
  • Shouldn’t have more than eight seats
  • The vehicle has to pass a pink slip inspection
  • Any cosmetic damage is a big no-no for Uber
  • Registered and CTP-insured (for drivers in Sydney)
  • No branding logo larger than 20×20 cm should be on the body

Check out the requirements for other major Australian cities by clicking on these links:

How to Become an Uber Driver in Australia

Now, all that’s left is to apply for the gig! You can visit Uber’s website and apply. Ensure you have checked your eligibility, gathered all the documents, and translated the ones you received from a non-English-speaking country. Here’s a straightforward process to become an Uber driver in Australia and join this rising industry:

  • Sign up: Introduce yourself and tell Uber about your vehicle. Uber will try to find one if you don’t have one by talking to ridesharing rental services.
  • Upload docs: Next, upload your documents – most importantly – your translated driver’s license and wait for approval (takes 1 to 2 days). Uber will run a background on you and your vehicle, so you should download the partner app.
  • Pass inspection: Uber will check if your car is roadworthy. So, inspect your vehicle to start driving people around in Australia and raking in crazy amounts of cash.

What Options do Aussie Uber Drivers have?

Do you want to hit the road with Uber but need to know which service is best? Read this section to decide which of the following options is more suitable for you:

UberX15 years old or lessSeats 4 to 7 people
UberXL15 years old or lessSeats 6 to 7 people
Uber AssistDesigned for riders with a disability
Uber EatsYou can also use your bike or scooter for this app
Uber ComfortSeven years old or lessMore legroom for ridersA rating of 4.85 or aboveCompleted 500 trips at least
Uber Comfort ElectricSeven years old or lessIt must be an electric carA rating of 4.85 or aboveCompleted 100 trips at least
Uber PremierSeven years old or lessSeats 4 people
Uber Max15 years old or lessSeats 7 people at leastAt least three rows of seatingPlenty of space for luggage
Table 2: A description of different vehicle options available for Uber drivers in Australia

Tips for Uber Drivers in Australia

Congrats, you can now start your journey of Uber driving in Australia to make an honest living. Here are some tips to make you a better Uber driver and avoid problems with the ridesharing giant. If you do not want a problem to come between you and Uber, this is what you should do:

Get the Apps

Use navigation apps like Waze, Transperth, and Australia Topo Maps to drive around the city and find a location effortlessly. It’s a great way to make customers happy and avoid wasting money on fuel.

Drive More Frequently

Drive as often as possible to build your reputation and amplify your earnings. Also, take advantage of better rates by expanding your portfolio, and don’t be discouraged by rude passengers on the road.

Follow Safety Guidelines

Uber maintains strict guidelines for drivers, so follow these instructions like Scripture. These rules about hard pressing and following another car too closely are for your benefit. So, practice safe driving habits and take every chance to take a driver’s training class.

Track your Expenses

Always be mindful of how much you are investing in Uber driving in Australia and your overall earnings. Use a spreadsheet to check your expenses, and use expense-tracking apps like TaxLeopard to stay on top of the financial game. That’s how you can maximize your earnings.

Predict the Surge

Don’t just wait for the surge; predict what will happen. Track the hotspots in your city, follow all significant events, and keep listening to the weather channel—plan and target areas where surges happen a lot more often. You can very quickly boost your earning potential in AU with these tips.


There you go, folks – the easiest way to become an Uber driver in Australia and earn a side income. In this blog, you learned what makes you eligible to drive an Uber (especially if you are a local), which docs you should submit when applying for this position, and what vehicle you can drive. If you’re working or studying in Australia, Uber driving can be your go-to money-churning opportunity.

You need the right-to-work check, also called the VEVO check, to become an Uber driver. If you are not an Australian citizen and come from a country where English isn’t the official language, get your driver’s license translated ASAP. Go to TranslateSwift and hire NAATI-certified translators for this delicate job.

Ensure TranslateSwift is your go-to source for document translation in Australia and other countries.

FAQs – Uber Driving in Australia

Can Foreigners Become Uber Drivers in Australia?

If you have a valid visa and work permit, you can quickly become an Uber driver. Just ensure you have a valid Aussie driver’s license and start earning a decent income from driving people around.

What Car Insurance do I Need to Drive an Uber in Australia?

Usually, becoming an Uber driver in Australia requires CTP insurance, which you’ll get when registering a vehicle. Rideshare insurance costs depend on your age, health, car type, and driving experience.

How soon can I Become an Uber Driver in Australia?

If you have a driver’s license and the necessary experience, you can start driving an Uber in 3 to 7 weeks. Uploading the documents is easy; security verification can sometimes take up to seven days.

How much are Uber Charges for Drivers in Australia?

If you’re driving an Uber in AU, you should remember that the company takes 27.5% off their employees’ earnings. That’s the cost of working as a freelance driver using Uber’s rideshare platform.

Can I Become an Uber Driver if I Don’t Own a Vehicle?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a vehicle. You can always lease a car from services like Splend on a contract basis. Use rented wheels to start working as an Uber driver in Australia.