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Embracing the Polyglot World: How Translation Services Foster Global Growth?

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Embracing the Polyglot World: How Translation Services Foster Global Growth?

We live in a society where bilingualism is on the rise due to globalization. Global translation services are becoming more important day by day. As international trade becomes the new norm, there’s a dire need for translators who can facilitate communication between different parts of the world. These statistics will explain the role played by translation services in a globalized world

One can clearly see why we must have this polyglot world. Whether you’re a marketing advertising business services or a healthcare professional dealing with myriads of patients every day, you can’t neglect the importance of translation services for companies in sending your message across language barriers.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of business translation for global enterprises and precisely why translation services are needed to sustain international growth. Let’s start this journey, shall we?

Translators go beyond merely rewording a document; they also provide cultural context

8 Reasons Why We Need Translation Services in a Globalized World

“Language is not a genetic gift; it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club, the community of speakers of that language.” – Frank Smith.

The market size of the global translation services industry will reach 48.36 billion by 2031. The potential for globalization in this industry justifies this role. In this section, you’ll learn the vital role a translator plays in bridging linguistic gaps and helping people connect to each other.

Eradicating Communication Barriers

Ineffective communication often stems from bad translations. We’ve discussed similar cases in previous blogs where:

  • Inaccurate translations prevent doctors from learning a patient’s actual symptoms
  • Inaccurate translations can lead to campaign blunders with global embarrassment.
  • Culturally ignorant translations don’t convey a brand’s message properly

However, rapid, real-time translation allows people from different cultural/linguistic backgrounds to talk to each other and exchange information. Imagine a world where you can read books written by obscure Eastern European poets and philosophers in your native language. Credible translators eradicate barriers to communication by:

  • Creating a more inclusive society
  • Democratizing knowledge 
  • Letting people participate in a global conversation
Global growth relies on hassle-free translation services

Promoting Cultural Diversity

Diversity and inclusion aren’t buzzwords; they are necessary to promote human intelligence. Research shows that diverse teams are more innovative, and workplaces with more inclusivity can easily be more productive. Imagine the level of innovation we’ll reach if this cultural diversity is globalized.

Translation services prevent the homogenization of cultures where some cultures dominate (and eradicate) others by a more widespread of their language. However, translators preserve these languages. They do not let old, rare languages die out due to sheer neglect, nurturing a trend of cultural tolerance.

Translators also tackle rare and hard-to-translate languages. They deal with challenging languages and provide the sort of translation AI can’t offer today.

Avoiding Cultural Insensitivities

Healthcare professionals face a unique problem when translating mental health problems into Mandarin Chinese; they need to take care of the cultural taboos associated with these ailments in different places and societies. 

For instance, explaining the concept of mental health as something totally different from lunacy can be challenging for health providers. However, translators excel at finding the right words to deliver important medical tips without offending anyone’s traditions.

Translators and interpreters are vital for business, healthcare, and other services

Boosting Trade Worldwide

The role of translation agencies is more apparent in the business sector. It accelerates global trade by providing affordable, credible translations of business documents. When organizations communicate effectively with their overseas partners, they can talk to their partners in a language they understand. Also, a translator can tailor marketing materials to the foreign audience’s expectations.

For example, McDonald’s tweaks its menu to fit different cultures and their cuisine. They have region-specific food items, and their promotional strategies even take care of cultural sensitivities. Respecting cultural norms via accurate translation allows McDonald’s to connect with local foodies.

This is why translation services are vital to your business growth in today’s heavily globalized world.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

But navigating foreign markets can be difficult, especially if you have to deal with complex legal issues. Inaccurately translating a single clause may hinder business growth and cause you to face lots of compliance issues. 

That’s why you should seek credible translators for business license translation to protect your organization from all sorts of fines, liability, and other problems. These translators don’t merely translate but also localize the legal part of business contracts, agreements, memos, and other docs.

Companies use translation services to cater to a diverse audience

That’s how translation services ensure legal compliance on a global scale where your foreign partners can’t feign ignorance of complex laws. For instance, all subsidiaries of Pepsi are aware of the legal and production standards set by the parent company. It’s a great way to ensure the entire company stays updated with the latest quality standards and issues. 

Legal compliance was never as easy to implement worldwide as it is today, thanks to the proliferation of translation services.

Offering Localized Marketing Materials

Translators (especially transcreation experts) offer localization services. It means adapting your content to suit the needs of the local audience. For instance, if your brand’s slogan sounds too bizarre or doesn’t convey the same message, you may change it to connect with native audiences. Consider the example of KFC and how they couldn’t translate “finger-licking good” properly for a Chinese audience.

Coca-Cola did that masterfully. Their translators went through all 40,000 Chinese characters and found something that phonetically resembled the company’s name but also gave a wonderful meaning. They rebranded themselves as “ko-kou-ko-le” or “Happy and Delicious” for Chinese consumers.

Global enterprises rely on accurate translation to ensure legal compliance

Expanding the Entertainment Sector

It’s another wonder of translation services that people can watch TV shows and movies from different countries via two simple methods:

  • Subbing: Subtitles appear at the bottom of the video, providing accurate translations for the dialogues spoken by the characters.
  • Dubbing: A voice actor dubs over the character and provides a pre-recorded translation while imitating the actor’s emotions.

These two trends of subbing and dubbing contributed heavily to the popularity of animated shows from Japan and Korean soap operas. A recent survey shows that 50% of US teens prefer watching TV shows with subtitles and closed captions. As a result, people can consume entertainment media from different regions of the world and embrace cultural diversity.

Making Education Universally Accessible

Imagine watching a YouTube video, and you don’t speak the content creator’s language. At this stage, you’ll check the subtitle section and realize that the content of that video is available in many popular languages, including yours. Today, language barriers don’t prevent people from seeking education. As a student, you can access academic resources from multiple countries in your native tongue.

Global translation agencies help businesses connect with potential customers

Educators and students from different cultures can collaborate to share their expertise. Students use this cultural exchange, powered by swift translation, to reshape their perspective and start seeing things from another nation’s perspective, leading to cultural growth and accelerated globalization.


Ultimately, it’s obvious that every industry is preparing to embrace the realities of today’s polyglot world. The most effective way to send your message across foreign airways is to rely on credible and certified translations. One can’t disregard the key role translation services play in a globalized world. This is why you should contact agencies like TranslateSwift for all your translation needs.

You can simply order swift translations in any language of your choosing by contacting credible, professional translators. Professionals will work their magic on your documents – whether legal, business, personal, or other types – and rewrite them in any language you choose.

Learning different languages is imperative in a globalized world

FAQs – Global Growth via Translation Services

What role do translation services play in the 21st century?

Translation services help democratize knowledge. It allows people speaking different languages to learn more about diverse cultural heritages and makes information available to non-English-speaking people.

How does translation affect the trend of globalization?

Translation services and globalization have both affected each other significantly. Translation is akin to a culture-bearing exchange of words that lets businesses embody their target audience’s core values and cultural identities when conveying their brand’s message.

How do translators help me speak to foreigners?

You can avail of translation services over the phone, where a skilled interpreter will help two parties converse in two different languages. The interpreter will provide real-time translation during the call and allow you to understand your business partner from another part of the world.

Translation services foster cordial relationships between the East and the West