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6 Reasons why you need Translation Services for your Business

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6 Reasons why you need Translation Services for your Business

According to a study by CSA, 40% of participants said they would not buy from a website that was not in their local language. Translation services can help your business reach more people in their native languages.

To grow your business beyond your country’s borders, you must invest in professional translation services to help convey your brand message. The harder it takes customers to understand your website, the less likely they will use your services. 

Think about it, how often have you purchased something from a website in a foreign language? 

How long have you stayed on a page that read in German and didn’t have a translation option? 

Yes, that’s right, you probably have never done that. Here are the major reasons why your business needs translation services.

Enhances Communication with Customers

Global businesses are constantly looking for ways to reach new customers. The clearer your message is to your target audience in their specific language, the higher your chances of converting leads.

If you run a global business,  you probably need to reach out to people who don’t speak or understand your language. This is why you need a professional translator. They help to relay your brand message in local dialects, helping people resonate with your product.

Translation Services Bolster your Brand Image

Taking your business abroad is a great way to increase your market reach. However, it is difficult to achieve this when 75% of customers prefer content in their native language.

With professional translation services, you can translate your product or service descriptions into various languages to suit your customers. Doing this will make them feel comfortable browsing your website.

With time, they will patronize you, increasing your brand value and awareness globally.

Help Users Understand Legal and Foreign policies.

Every business has policies binding their operation locally and internationally. These legal documents contain key details regarding accountability and compliance measures. You need to translate these into a simple and precise language to avoid legal repercussions.

Legal and foreign policy documents must be precise and understandable. Professional business translators understand the significance of these documents. They make sure to relay messages without any loss in translation.

To Avoid Misunderstandings

When dealing with foreign customers, it isn’t uncommon to have your message misunderstood. Avoiding misinterpretations is one of the major reasons why translation is important in business.

Certain English words can sound offensive when translated without context, which is where business translators come in handy. Professional translators understand culture and context and will use this human factor to translate your message in a way that speaks to your target audience.

Helps Boost your Website SEO Ranking Globally

Did you know that your website’s Google rankings increase when you accurately translate it into other languages?

You may do excellently in English-related searches. But your brand will be lost in German or Chinese search rankings without proper translation.

Having a larger website with numerous pages translated into multiple languages will generate more backlinks boosting your SEO rankings worldwide. This way, your brand will always come on top in foreign searches.

Aids Smooth Running of Global Business Operations

Professional translation helps ensure seamless business operations because stakeholders, governments, employees, and customers from diverse regions are involved.

With language differences, it can be difficult to cater to the needs of all these groups of people.

Professional translators ensure that you communicate every message effectively to ensure hassle-free operations.


Removing the language barrier is the key to your brand having a global reach. When customers can understand and relate to your brand regardless of their language, it helps build trust, which increases revenue.

With our experienced translators, we can guarantee that your brand message is relayed to your customers effectively.


Why is Translation Important for my business?

Translation helps businesses share information about their brands with people across the globe. Translation enables businesses to effectively communicate their message to people from different cultures.

How can translation services aid my business marketing?

Translation ensures that promotional content is relayed in other languages while maintaining originality leading to wider reach and conversions globally.

How does Language Impact Businesses Operating Internationally?

Language barriers are the leading cause of poor conversion rates in international businesses because they can lead to misinterpretations, which can ruin a brand’s image.