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Getting Married in Italy for UK Citizens

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Getting Married in Italy for UK Citizens

There are many beautiful wedding destinations in Europe, but all of them pale in comparison to the fine-looking shores of Italy. The Bel Paese welcomes foreigners from all over the world to express their love and say “I do” to their partners on Roman soil. Teeming with history and culture, Italy makes the perfect place for a destination wedding, especially if you or your partner hails from the UK.

So, let’s see what steps to take if you’re a UK citizen planning to tie the knot in Venice or Florence.

If you’re planning a wedding in Italy from a place other than the UK, you should check out this article for a general overview of getting married in Italy.

Is Italy the Perfect Wedding Destination for you?

You have to admit that destination weddings aren’t ever going out of style. Today, 1 in 4 Brits aim to say their wedding vows overseas. After all, Italy and Britain enjoy a longstanding friendship that goes back centuries – from Julius Caesar’s times to the post-WWII era. A little over 66,000 Brits are living in Italy as migrants, while nearly 300,000 Italian-born people call Britain their home.

Planning your wedding in Italy is in fashion right now, and many celebrities have done that, including:

  • Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker married again in Italy in May 2022.
  • Footballer Ashley Cole married his partner Sharon Canu in Italy in July 2023.
  • Socialite Karen Shiboleth married film exec Rory Japp in Italy in the same month.

Here are a few reasons why getting married in an Italian city is every celebrity’s dream:

  • Italy loves fine dining and wine for its guests. The weather is simply adorable, and many tourist spots await your arrival.
  • English-speaking foreigners can get hitched in Italy with little paperwork – a great way to tie the knot faster than the speed of love.
  • Enjoy a cost-effective matrimonial experience. Experts say getting married in Italy or Sicily is 30% cheaper than a typical UK wedding.
  • There’s no need to head to Cyprus or France for your honeymoon; Italy is the perfect location to celebrate your nuptials in a romantic environment.
  • Italians believe in la dolce vita, a “sweet life” that moves slowly but lavishly. So, you can have a luxurious yet slow-paced and easily enjoyable wedding ceremony in Italy.

So, plan your big Anglo-Italian wedding off the Amalfi Coast. Let’s look into a few ways you can get married in Italy as a UK citizen.

Document Required from UK Citizens Marrying in Italy

When discussing the legal requirements for British citizens to tie the knot in Italy, you must be mindful of the paperwork involved. Which documents do you need to get an Italian wedding as a UK citizen?

Certificate of No Impediment

Abbreviated as CNI, this certificate is essential for UK couples tying the knot in Italy. You and your would-be spouse both have to obtain a CNI. It stays valid for six months – if issued in Scotland, it expires in just three months – so don’t apply for it more than six months before your wedding.

You will apply for a CNI, and your marriage banns are displayed at the registry office for 23 to 28 days. If nobody objects, you’ll get your precious little CNI.

After getting your hands on this certificate, you will get it approved in the UK with an apostille stamp. Its official Italian translation is mandatory.

Statutory Declaration

Again, you and your future partner must apply for this document. A statutory declaration is an essential requirement to solemnize your marriage.

You’ll have to sign it in front of a public notary. There’s no need to translate it, though, as it is bilingual.

Nulla Osta

Contact the British embassy in Rome, and they will make arrangements for this affidavit. Give a notice to the embassy, and your Nulla Osta will be ready after two weeks. It stays valid for six months. It doesn’t have to be legalized or translated, though.

If you want to download official Nulla Osta forms, click here.

Other Requirements

All UK citizens marrying in Italy may not have to show up with some of these documents. They are only required in unique circumstances. Anyhow, here’s a brief description of these documents:

  • Passport: That’s the most important document to bring
  • Long Birth Certificate: It contains the details of your parents as well
  • Decree Absolute: For divorced people remarrying in Italy
  • Death Certificate: For people whose previous spouses are dead
  • Deed Poll: For people who have changed their names

Just remember that UK-issued English-language documents must be translated into Italian first. Only then can you use these docs to get married in Italy. Italians are proud people and love their culture. You can only get hitched in Italy if you submit official translations of your original documents.

Different Ways to Get Married in Italy as a UK Citizen

Did you know Italy is the most popular choice for UK citizens looking for a destination wedding? No country comes close to La Penisole when it comes to a typical Anglo-Roman wedding. Now, learn the legal requirements for British citizens intending to tie the knot in Italy.

You can choose any of these three cases based on your unique circumstances:

Case #1: You live in the UK

If you and your spouse both hail from the UK and want to get hitched in Italy, it’s Case #1 for you. In this case, you’ll have to show the Italian wedding planner the following documents:

  • Certificate of No Impediment
  • Statutory Declaration

It’s the most common case with UK citizens marrying in Italy, and you can go through with it quickly.

Case #2: Your Spouse isn’t British

If only you are a British national and your would-be significant other belongs to a different country, you’ll be under Case #1. At the same time, your future spouse will follow the guidelines per their nationality. However, if your soon-to-be life partner is Italian, they must apply for a Notice of Marriage.

Case #3: You aren’t in the UK

Suppose you and your would-be consort are British citizens not living in the UK right now. Maybe you decided to propose to your boyfriend/girlfriend during a romantic getaway to Italy. Now, you want to make things official. What do you do?

You have two options to choose from:

  • Go back to the UK and start all over from Case #1
  • Go to the British consulate in Rome to get the wedding process moving

Also, get your Nulla Osta while in Italy to speed up this exciting adventure.

British Nationals Marrying in Italy: A Step-by-Step Process

If you want to marry in Italy as a UK citizen, follow the abovementioned guidelines. Here, we’ll provide an outline of the whole process to use as a brief, handy checklist. Ensure your unique situation aligns with any of the cases discussed here. Then you can get on with preparing for your joyous wedding. Here’s a step-by-step process of getting married in Italy for UK citizens:

Be Mindful of the Timeline

There’s no need to be proactive and apply for the necessary documents a year before the wedding. Your no-objection certificate to marry will expire in about six months. So, apply for this document when six months remain in your wedding. You should be in Italy for 3 to 4 days when applying for Nulla Osta,

Obtain the Required Docs

Go to any registry office in the UK and give the registrar your name. Ensure you’re giving them the same name as it appears on your passport; otherwise, the CNI will be invalid. Your CNI will take some time to arrive, so instead of sitting idle, make yourself useful and get a Statutory Declaration. Try a solicitor who can get you this affidavit at cheaper rates.

Get your Documents Approved

Next, you must translate your CNI into Italian and get the apostille stamp. While the good old Statutory Declaration must have an apostille stamp, no translation is required.

Visit your nearest FCDO legalization office where they keep this stamp.

Translate your Documents

Get decent translators to convert your English documents into Italian.

Ensure your English-to-Italian translators are certified professionals. They should be members of ATC and ITI as well. Check their credentials and request a translation accuracy certificate to validate their work.

Start Preparing for Marriage

All that’s left is to prepare for your marriage. Find the perfect venue. Invite your guests from the UK (15 to 20 is ideal for a wedding in Italy). If you’ve chosen a civil ceremony, remember it happens in Italian, and the town’s mayor conducts it. So, bring an interpreter along for translation.

A Brief Note on Gay Marriage in Italy

You must realize now that the Italian government allows three wedding types:

  • Civil Marriage
  • Religious Marriage
  • Civil Union

Same-sex couples choose the third option as it allows them to tie the knot and strengthen their bond. If you want to enter a civil union with your lover, you must bring the same documents outlined in Case #1. Since 2016, a civil union has been every gay couple’s go-to way of getting hitched.

But there are a few differences as well. For example, gay couples can’t adopt kids legally in Italy. They do not have to abide by marital fidelity; dissolving such a marriage is also easier.

Moreover, you and your would-be spouse will meet with the town hall officer a month before the wedding. That’s how you can say “I do” to your same-sex partner in Italy.

Italian Embassy & Consulate: Contact Info

If you have any more questions, feel free to give the Italian embassy in London a call. They’d love to bring you up-to-date on any topics regarding your upcoming nuptials in their gorgeous country.

Italian Embassy

Here’s how you can get in touch with the embassy:

Italian Consulate

Here’s how you can get in touch with the consulate:

  • Tel: 020 7235 9371
  • Fax: 020 78231609
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 38 Eaton Place, London SW1X 8AN


Let’s summarize the guidelines for UK citizens marrying in Italy. Get a CNI and a statutory declaration from the UK to marry in Italy. You’ll receive Nusta Osta in Italy to pave the way for a legally valid wedding. Start collecting all this paperwork six months before the wedding date, get your docs approved via the apostille stamp, and then translate the necessary UK-issued docs into Italian.

Hire USCIS-certified translators to work their magic on your documents. If you need to convert your docs into Italian or English, contact the experts at TranslateSwift for a 100% acceptance rate.

Translating your Italian wedding certificate into English means your marriage will also be deemed valid in the UK. So, order a certified translation of your essential documents for a happy Italian wedding.

FAQs – Getting Married in Italy for UK Citizens

How long does my CNI Stay Valid for?

The validity of the CNI depends on where it comes from. A Welsh, English, or Northern Irish CNI will be valid for six months; however, a Scottish CNI stays valid for only the next three months.

Are there any Residency Requirements to Marry in Italy?

No, there are no residency requirements for UK citizens looking to marry in Italy. You must be in Italy 2 to 3 days before the wedding to sign the Declaration of Intent to Marry certificate.

What’s the Easiest Country to Marry in Europe?

If you’re looking to marry in Italy as a UK citizen, you should realize that several more accessible options are also available. Try Denmark, the easiest European country for Brits to marry.

When will I get my Wedding Certificate?

After the civil ceremony is over, you’ll receive your International Wedding Certificate. However, if you’re married in a Catholic ceremony, then wait for the certificate to arrive by post to your address.

What Documents Do Irish Citizens Bring when Marrying in Italy?

If you’re an Irish citizen getting married in Italy, a Civil Letter of Freedom (Certificate de Coutume) is necessary. After receiving that, fill out the MP2A form (statutory declaration), and you’re ready to proceed with the wedding.