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Why Do you need Patent Translation?

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Why Do you need Patent Translation?

Inventions require critical thinking. Filing patents protect your unique ideas by law, but they only apply in the country of approval. Patent translation ensures your intellectual property is protected internationally in countries of your interest. 

Today we’ll find out everything you need to know about translating patents

What is Patent Translation?

Patent translation is the conversion of a patent from one language to another. Patents have specific writing styles and formats. 

Every country has its requirements for formatting and vocabulary for patenting intellectual property. 

Patent translation is a crucial job that requires much more than proficiency in the target language but also an understanding of terminologies used in that field. Patent translators must have solid technical knowledge of the patent field to deliver accurate translations.

Now that we understand what patent translation is let’s find out the types of patent translations.

Types of Patent Translations

Before considering patent translation, you must know that they are two types; filing translation and information translation.

Filing Translation

When you apply for patency of your IP in another country, you’ll need to submit a filing translation, which is an official record of your patent. 

You’re to submit your filing translation to officials examining your patent application. Examples of such people are patent office workers, patent licensees, and legal professionals. 

Patent translations for filing should explain your invention elaborately while avoiding using irrelevant technical jargon.

Information Translation

Patent information translations are used for legal purposes such as court proceedings. In this case, your patent has already been filed and is only required by the court to authorize it. 

Courts usually only need specific parts of your patent, so you’ll not need to translate everything. The court will request the parts of your patent they need, and you must ensure accurate translations.

Why do you Need Patent Translation?

Did you know that over $1 billion is spent on patent translation annually?

People only spend money when they’re getting value for their money. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization findings, 300,000 parents were submitted to the international patent system (PCT) in 2021 alone. 

Here are three major reasons why you need to translate your patent.

First and foremost, you’ll need to translate your patent when you want to submit it to a country with a different language than your patent—for example, submitting non-English patents to the US and vice versa.

International Intellectual Property Protection

Patent translations enable you to register IPs in multiple countries, giving you more international recognition and protection. This way, you can protect your intellectual property in as many countries as you choose.

Competitiveness in Global Markets

Translating and submitting your patents internationally gives you the opportunity to compete in the ever-growing global market. It can make you a pioneer, allowing you to own the largest percentage of the market cap. 

Why do you need Professional Patent Translation?

Hiring a professional patent translator guarantees your translation is free from any grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and mistranslations. It also saves you from facing rejection or, worse, having an unenforceable international patent due to poor translation.

Professional translation services also help you meet deadlines faster because they have experienced team members working on your patent simultaneously. This way, you can meet patent submission deadlines.

Hiring a professional patent translator will also save you time and money. The rejection of your patent application due to poor translations will cost you more time and money to retranslate it.

Can I use AI Tools to Translate my Patent?

The fear of using machine translation for patents is because of its inability to know specific country requirements. 

Yes, machine translation is fast and cost-effective. Still, you cannot submit it without editing by a professional translator who has specialized experience in the field and know the country’s patent requirements.

If you must use AI tools, ensure you take it to a professional patent translator for proofreading and editing before you submit it.

How much Does it Cost to Translate my Patent?

The cost of translating your patent depends on the language combination, the technicality of the field, and delivery time. Based on the previous criteria, certified patent translation costs between $20-$130 per page.

At TranslateSwift, we charge $27 per page for patent translations. You can contact us today to book one of our experienced translators in any field of your choice.


Translating patents is the key to global market dominance. Hiring a professional patent translation service will speed up your approval rate and prevent any enforcement issues in the future.