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How to Translate your Marriage Certificate

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How to Translate your Marriage Certificate

If you’re planning to marry abroad or immigrate after your wedding, knowing everything you’ll need to translate your marriage certificate is crucial.

This article will cover everything you need to know and how to translate your marriage certificate. 

Let’s begin.

What is a Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the state to a couple proving they are married. 

The document usually includes the couple’s names, date of birth, birthplace, occupation, and marital status. It also includes the date and place of your marriage, the names and birthplaces of you and your partner’s parents, and the names of the witnesses during the wedding.

Why do you Need to Translate your Marriage Certificate?

These are the most common reasons you’ll need to translate your wedding certificate.

Suppose you are a US resident that got married abroad, and your original marriage certificate is in a foreign language. In that case, you’ll need the translated copy of your marriage certificate to register your marriage in the US. 

Immigrating couples who have their marriage certificate in a different language must present a certified translated copy of their marriage certificate to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to process their immigration.

In some countries, married people must provide their marriage certificates before accessing a passport or visa. If your marriage certificate needs to be written in their official language, you’ll need to translate it.

Always ensure you translate your marriage document into the language of the country you’re relocating to beforehand.

What are the USCIS Marriage Translation Requirements?

  • All translations should be typed. Handwritten translations will not be accepted.
  • Translations must be in the same format as the original marriage certificate.
  • You must include a translation certification from the translator to verify their fluency when submitting your marriage certificate.
  • The translation certificate must be printed on the letterhead of the translator.

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is a verbatim translation of all visible text on a legal document. 

Government agencies require translation certification to verify that the translated document is accurate and complete.

Certified translations do not expire, and you won’t need to redo them unless upon request by the immigration officer.

How do you Translate a Marriage Certificate?

Translating your marriage document is important when moving to a new country. Remember that using AI tools to translate your marriage certificate is unacceptable. Now, let’s look at the step-by-step process of translating your marriage certificate.

Find a Translator or Translation Agency

Whether it’s a freelance translator, your uncle, or a translation company, you’ll need to find someone that is prolific in the target language. For example, if you want to translate your marriage certificate from English to Spanish, find a translator that is a native speaker of Spanish. 

If you use a translation service provider, ensure they offer marriage certificate immigration translation. Do well to read customer reviews and find out if they have a 100% acceptance rate from the country’s immigration service.

In most cases, it is advisable to choose or hire someone with adequate experience translating marriage certificates for immigrating couples.

Negotiate the Cost of the Translation

If you are using a freelance translator or translation agency, find out what it’ll cost you and the turnaround time. Most translation services charge per word or page. Never hire a translator that charges per hour because you could end up overpaying for the service.

Submit a Copy of your Marriage Certificate to your Translator

After you’ve confirmed the price and credibility of the translation, send the photocopies of your marriage certificate to your translator. 

Ensure you include other important details such as your name, phone number, email address, and source and target languages.

Receive your Certified Marriage Certificate Translation

Once your translated document is ready, you’ll receive a copy of your marriage certificate and a translation statement. 

Translating a marriage certificate usually takes 24-72 hours, so you should receive it in a day or two.

Can I Translate my own Marriage Certificate for USCIS?

No, you can’t translate your marriage documents yourself. The USCIS prohibits couples from translating their marriage certificates. 

However, suppose you have a bilingual friend or family who can do it for you. In that case, you can have them translate your marriage certificate, provided they include a translation statement with their signature.

How much does it Cost to Translate a Marriage Certificate?

Professional translators or translation service agencies usually charge per word or page for translations. Translation services charge between $0.08-$0.50 per word or $20-$110 per page, depending on the experience, turnaround time, or scarcity of translators in the target language.


From our guide, you’ll see that there can be several reasons for you to translate your marriage certificate. To avoid costly mistakes, check the requirements of the country’s immigration agency you intend to move to before beginning the translation process.

You can contact us today to help you in translating your marriage certificate by one of our professional translators.