How To Obtain a Foreign Marriage Certificate Translation

Efficiency in Process: Foreign Marriage Certificate Translation

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Efficiency in Process: Foreign Marriage Certificate Translation

Opting to tie the knot in another country is a popular choice. A survey even says that as many as 25% of weddings take place in a different country. So, are you planning to say your vows overseas? You may even obtain a same-day marriage license in countries with lax matrimonial requirements. Now, you must be looking to convert marriage certificate to English or another language.

In this article, you’ll learn how to obtain a marriage certificate translation. We will thoroughly yet briefly explain what a foreign marriage license is, why it needs to be translated, and how to find an experienced translator to work their magic on your document.

Make your destination wedding more memorable by registering it in your homeland so you can enjoy the same spousal rights in your country of origin.

What is a Foreign Marriage License?

You may be wondering how to obtain a marriage certificate Arabic translation. How to convert the doc mentioning that you and your lover are married into Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, English, or other lingos? To answer this question, we have to take a dig at the concept of a foreign marriage certificate.

Look for a same-day marriage license when trying to get hitched

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people leave their homelands temporarily to get married in a range of exotic locations. Italy, Morocco, Spain, the Bahamas, Turkey, the UK, the UAE, and the USA – these are just a few names. Imagine you organized holy matrimony in a different country, enjoyed a full week of nuptial celebrations, and made memories with your loved ones. What happens when you come back to your home country? Is your marriage recognized there?

Good news for you – foreign marriages are recognized in countries like the US and Ireland. If you tie the knot in Italy and get a marriage certificate from there, it’ll be called a “foreign marriage certificate” in your home country. In short, a marriage license obtained in a foreign country is deemed valid in the US, the UK, and other civilized countries. As long as your nuptials are recognized by the local laws, you won’t have to register the marriage again in the home country.

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Benefits of Foreign Marriage Certificate Translation

Now, let’s come back to the question at hand. Even though a marriage license/certificate obtained from another country is generally recognized by most civilized countries, you still have to get it translated into your home country’s language.

Let’s say you get married in Bali, Indonesia, and then return to your home in Australia. In this case, you will have to translate the certificate into English if the certificate was issued to you in Bali’s local language. Just like that, if you’re an Egyptian citizen getting married in the USA, you will need a marriage certificate Arabic translation to get your marriage recognized in your home country.

In short, these are a few reasons why you need to convert your foreign-issued marriage license or certificate into your home country’s language:

You can get your marriage certificate translated into Arabic, English, or other languages

  • Suppose you want to immigrate to the USA with your spouse. In this case, the USCIS will need to see your foreign-issued marriage license, translated into the English language, to process your immigration request. Do you want to know how to apply for residency in USA? One of the key requirements for married couples is to show their marriage certificate.
  • If your home country requires you to re-register your overseas marriage, you’ll still need the foreign-issued marriage license to prove that you two got married abroad. For that, you’ll need a translated copy of your foreign marriage certificate.
  • In some countries, you need to show your marriage certificate to get a visa/passport. If you tied the knot in a different country, a translated copy of the certificate will help you get a visa.

Next, you’ll learn how to find the right person to sprinkle their vernacular skills on your document and translate it beautifully into another language with a 100% acceptance rate with the immigration people.

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What to Look for in a Certified Translator?

We’re sure at this point you realize that translating your foreign-issued translation certificate is not a fair option. That’s because you need to ensure the translated copy of your marriage license gets accepted by the authorities in your home country.

A DIY-translated document has a very poor acceptance rate. Even if you have accurately translated a piece of paper, it still needs to be certified. Just refer to the famous case of Hasan Gorgulu, whose Turkish-to-English-translated documents had not been certified so they were rejected by Canada’s IRCC. So, here’s what you should look for in a translator to ensure your docs, especially your marriage certificate, are accepted in another country:


Tying the knot in a foreign country involves different legal and administrative steps. You have to ensure what type of validation you need. There are three kinds of validation you can look for:

Get your foreign marriage certificate converted into English

  • Certified: Documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses must be certified. The agency you’ll contact for translation services will also provide you with a certificate of accuracy bearing the translator’s name and signature.
  • Notarized: You may go a step further by contacting a notary public and getting the signature of the translator notarized. It’ll add another layer of credibility to your translated document.
  • Apostilled: If you live in a country where the Hague Apostille Convention is applicable, you can get your translated certificate stamped under the apostille process.

So, carefully go through your home country’s marriage registration requirements and check what sort of validation they need.


People often think that document translation is straightforward and involves merely rewriting the same sentence in a different language. That’s incorrect! Rewriting your matrimonial documents also involves keenly following a code of ethics, understanding nuances, and adhering to legal standards. That’s why you should contact a translation agency accredited by organizations like the ATA, the ATC, and NAATI (depending on your country of origin).

Learn how to obtain a same-day wedding license from your state


Professional, certified translators have one more quality amateur linguistic students lack: vernacular competence. They are proficient at both the language of the document and the language in which they are translating the document. So, ensure your translator has the required linguistic proficiency to complete the job.


Also, ensure your translator specializes in working with marriage certificates. That’s because translating marriage licenses is not the same as, say, rewriting business contracts in a different language. This job requires the translator to understand the legal/religious/cultural nuances needed to translate that thing.


Another very important requirement is to work with a professional (hopefully someone working for an agency) who can exhibit not just a successful track record or good online reviews but also a strong code of ethics. You’re entrusting them with your private information, so ensure they are a reliable person.

Now, let’s check the brief and straightforward process of translating your foreign marriage into a different language. Hopefully, it’ll answer any questions you might have regarding foreign marriage certificate translation.

Find out how to get your marriage certificate appropriately translated by certified translators

Translating a Foreign Marriage License in Simple Ways

Here is a simple process to find a translator and convert your marriage license into any language you want:

  • Search for translation agencies online and choose one after carefully going through their sites.
  • Read online reviews to find out what kind of services they offer and what sort of credentials their translators have.
  • How much do they charge? Get quotes from different agencies and compare prices. But keep in mind that the cheapest translation service isn’t always the most qualified one.
  • Ask them about their timeline. When will they deliver the finished file? Usually, this translation process shouldn’t take over 24 hours (unless you need translation urgently).
  • Submit your original marriage certificate through their secure online portal. In a day or two, you will get the translated marriage license certificate along with a certificate of accuracy.

Follow this simple process and get your certificate translated in a snap!

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Here you go – a brief yet comprehensive explanation of how to translate your foreign marriage license or certificate accurately. You should get your marriage certificate converted into another language to make it recognized in your home country. Ensure you’ve hired a reputable translator to work their magic on the document. For that, you should consider contacting TranslateSwift, which is home to incredible translators.

At TranslateSwift, you’ll get quality marriage certificate translation services at affordable rates. You can have your article translated into 120+ languages within 24 hours with a 100% acceptance rate at the immigration office. Starting from $27 per page, get your marriage documents rewritten accurately.

You can get a marriage certificate translated into Arabic, Persian, or another language


What makes a translated copy of a wedding license certified?

Generally, the translator (or the agency they work for) will give you a certificate of accuracy stating that the work they’ve done is error-free. The translator will write their name and draw their signature.

How much does it cost to rewrite a certificate in another language?

It depends on various factors, such as the urgency of the translation, the complexity of the language/s, and how many pages it is. A translator shouldn’t charge over $30 per page.

What is a same-day marriage license?

It’s called an instant marriage license, especially for out-of-state couples who want to get hitched quickly in a different state. Similarly, in places like Saint Lucia, there’s no residency period, so you can obtain the marriage license within 24 hours of arrival.