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Do you need certified translation services? You are in the right place, where your translation needs are our top priority. You are here as you need professional translation services, and we are here to simplify your journey. Get online translation services to support your immigration, legal, professional, academic, financial, or other applications!

Do you require certified or official translation support?

Most countries and embassies require an official translation when you submit a document issued in a foreign language for an official application. This requirement can be complex, as it entails specific criteria. At TranslateSwift, we understand the importance of human translation services that have global recognition.

As a trusted translation service provider, we provide various services. From document translation services to birth certificates or any other document: our expert translators translate documents while maintaining their meaning and legal validity.

Our certified translations undergo thorough proofreading for grammar, readability, and style. We prioritize your translation needs with our fast delivery, strict confidentiality policies, and competitive pricing.

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Getting officially translated services was time-consuming and costly in the past. You had to visit a translation agency, drop off your documents, and wait for them to be translated and certified. It could take several days or even weeks. Today, finding the right certified translator can also be challenging, but with us, you can be confident that your documents are in capable hands.

Whether in the UAE, USA or anywhere else, our certified translation services are accessible. If you're searching for a 'certified translator near me,' remember that TranslateSwift is just a click away. Regardless of your location, we offer online translation services. You just need to fill out our form to receive an instant online quote!

Why do You Need OUR Certified Translation Support?

At TranslateSwift, we have a team of more than 5,000 experienced and certified translators who can translate your documents into 120+ Languages with fast delivery. Our money-back guarantee speaks for itself!

Our skilled professionals are proficient in the source and target languages. It ensures that the translation accurately reflects the content of the original document.

We offer translations accompanied by a certification statement affirming accuracy and authenticity. It makes them legally valid and widely accepted by authorities and institutions.

As a reputable company with 10000+ certified customers, we follow strict confidentiality policies, protecting your personal and sensitive information during your translation process.

We offer efficient and quick service by meeting tight deadlines.

Many legal processes and government agencies require documents in the country or jurisdiction’s official language. Our translations ensure that your documents meet all the legal requirements, helping you avoid delays or rejections in your applications.

Do you want to apply for visas, residency permits, citizenship in a foreign country, or want to study abroad? Get relevant translations where we will meet all the requirements. Whether for personal or professional reasons, presenting well-translated, certified documents reflects positively on your attention to detail and commitment to accuracy. Need help? Contact us now!

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Vera Mueller
United States
Great service and work! Great service, excellent translations and amazing customer service! Can only recommend for anyone looking for professional and important (urgent) translations.

Thank you!
German to English Certified Document Translation
Alisher Mirzabaev
Excellent service Excellent service, very fast and reliable.
Certified Document Translation
Ying Peng
Strongly recommended I am very satisfied. TranslateSwift provides quick, excellent and professional translation service. Thanks!
Chinese Certified Document Translation

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